“Readers”multi-language editions launched

  • Source:CPG | 2018-11-06

Recently, People’s Literature Publishing House signed copyright cooperation agreement on “Readers” with 6 countries in 8 languages such as Russia, Germany, and India. Next year, “Readers” in 8 languages will be spread abroad.


The sales of the first season of “Readers” had exceeded 1.6 million copies, a successful integration of TV program and book. However, instead of standing still, it is working on spreading cultural experience of the fragrance of “Chinese traditional culture” to the international stage.

Not long ago, on the biggest book fair, the 70th?Frankfurt International Book Fair, People’s Literature Publishing House signed copyright cooperation agreement with 6 countries such as Russia, Germany and India on editions in 8 languages. Next year, “Readers” in 8 languages editions will spread abroad, which is not only an event in publishing industry and TV, but also an exploration for the mode of Chinese story- telling.

Readers” has its own way in the TV circle, which has a trend of “amusing to death”. It’s partly due to celebrity effect and fineness production. But most importantly, it deliver a worm and honest voice to the public. The program redefined the era image of Chinese people, and stick to our spiritual homeland. In the fast-speed lifestyle and confusing pursuit, it enhanced the humanity quality of the public without trace, surpassing those nasty stuff in modern society. As a netizen called “Ice Kiss” said” Whenever I felt confused I would read ‘Readers’. It’s like a lighthouse in my life.”


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