China Publishing Group promotes the mode of international editorial office

  • Source:CPG | 2018-09-14

On August 20, the First Annual Meeting of International Editorial Office was held by China Publishing Group in Beijing. Li Yan said, the establishment of international editorial office, as an approach of?going international, is good for?developing?the advantages of the Chinese content and foreign channel operation, which is more efficient and effective in overseas distribution.

Li stressed, different from those ordinary modes of going international, it?would motivate effective demands, lower market risk, and enhance the cultural exchange for better overseas spreading.

The president of?Ankh?Publishing House?in?Bengalthe general manager of Chibooks Copyright Agency in Viet, Liu Yan, the dean of Confucius Institute of CIUDSM in Tanzania, Li Hongyan from Lan-Bridge Communicas, Martin, the general manager of LID Press in UK, the president of Makalu Press in Nepal, Ye Qiuyue, the dean of OBORRC in Eotvos Lorand University in Hungry, Ding Rui, the representative from OUP gave their speeches?on the meeting.

Commercial Press and China Translation Publishing House signed with Oxford University Press, Chibooks Copyright Agency, Ankh?Publishing House for the establishment of their own international editorial office.?


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