CPG: Remarkable Achievements of Going-Out Strategy

  • Source:CPG | 2018-01-05

Being listed as the national top 1 in?copyright export for consecutive 5 years, the overseas influence on brand and culture of China Publishing Group?(CPG)?has been rising dramatically?and?the initial strategic goal of “getting heard” has been realized.

Focusing on the topics of?“modern interpretation?of?traditional culture” and “academic expression of?China’s?path”, ?the learning books ?beyond Chinese language published by CPG?have been translated into more than 30 languages and introduced into nearly 50 countries and areas. Nine hundred?traditional books have been exported?through modern views, including 17 languages?versions of “The Core Value of Chinese Civilization”, 5 languages?versions of the “ Animated History of China”, “Calligraphy” and “The History of Chinese Civilization”, 2 versions of “Foreigners Writing on China’s Plan” among?16 contracted versions. Besides, 30 languages versions of over 80?books of “Overseas Promoting?Program for Chinese Minority Writers”?have?been signed the exporting?contracts.?

?In promoting international business?with excellent works, CPG has established a stable cooperative relationship with?many prestigious?overseas publishing companies, such as?Oxford University Press?and?Springer.?Ranked as?the No.1?in China Book International?Project?for many years,?CPG?has also been in the leading position in terms of?the project of “Classical China”, “the translation project of Chinese modern works” and “Silk Road Book Project”. At the same time, 1506 copyrights have?been exported to the countries along the Belt and Road?since 2014, accounting for 87% of the total exportation of the Group.

Since the International Editorial Office?has been one of the most effective cooperation modes for the localization of theme books, the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House?and?China Translation & Publishing House,?2 branches of the Group, have established?9 International Editorial Office?together with some notable?publishing companies and universities in Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa and North America.

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