Exploration in Chinese publishing “going international”

  • Source:CPG | 2018-01-05

Recent years, SDX Joint Publishing made?a lot of?progress and achievement in publishing going international on academic?and cultural books, due to?its effort in professional copyright and international cooperation as well as its publishing tradition and strength forged in?80 years.?

1. The copyright outbound sale has kept over 10% increase since 2015, in over 20 languages.

2. The quality of the international cooperation is rising.

3. It has received many funds for?going international.

4. It has made great feat in multi-language copyright outbound.

5. Great achievement?was made?on?various?international book fairs.

In future, we will keep exploring on the foundation of our former achievement, proceeding steadily to the international publishing industrial chain,?and carry out internationalized work through academic expression of Chinese culture.

1. Focus on?the key points of “OBOR” policy and increase the copyright outbound sale in the countries and areas along “OBOR”.

2. Make effort in the collection of content resources and talent training.

3. From translation to rewriting, explore international publishing industrial chain for going international.?


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