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by Lu Nei

Publisher: People’s Literature Publishing House

Date Published: 2016/01/01

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ISBN: 978-7-020-11269-2




Shui Sheng started to work in a phenol factory as an apprentice when he was 20 years old. Under his master’s guidance, he learned the technics of making this chemical material in a toxic plant and got acquainted with fellow apprentice Gen Sheng and other employees. When the master fought to get him financial aids, he realized interpersonal relations in the factory were intricate and hard to deal with. As time progresses from the late 70s to the 90s, Shui Sheng married the master’s daughter as the master hoped before passing away and witnessed Gen Sheng's life taking a sudden turn for the worst. Policy shift brought privatization of the factory. Shui Sheng sensed the change around him and had no choice but to adapt. Mercy chronicles the life of a blue-collar worker, the prosperity and decline of a factory and the transformation of the society in contemporary China.

Announcing himself as "one of the least-educated young writers in China," Lu Nei seems to have?profited rather than lost by a life that began in struggle. He was born in 1973 in Suzhou, east?China. Since the age of 19 he held a series of menial jobs around China, including factory worker,?shop assistant, salesperson, warehouse manager, radio announcer, and creative director for an?advertising agency. He has published 6 novels. He lives in Shanghai.

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