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by Cao Wenxuan

Publisher: Daylight Publishing House

Date Published: 2015/08/18

Price: 25.00

ISBN: 978-7-5016-0966-6

Contact: Yi Dan

Tel: 010-64165009


Xue Er is a horse that Po Wa saves from a wolf pack. It lives a peaceful and pastoral life with Po Wa’s family in the Yehu Valley until one day, when war breaks out. Xue Er is forcibly taken away by Japanese troops and branded with a hot iron at the Japanese military camp. Kono, a Japanese officer, takes a fancy to Xue Er and wants to train the pony to be his own saddle horse. Xue Er refuses to be trained by Kono because in its heart, Po Wa from the Yehu Valley is its only master. Due to its perseverance and through confrontation, Xue Er becomes a war horse that pulls cannons and has to suffer through separation from its children. Just as unfortunate as Xue Er is, the villagers of the Yehu Valley are attacked by the Japanese cannons.

Surviving through war and hardship, Xue Er is finally brought back to the Yehu Valley by Po Wa, but the brand on its body becomes its lifelong disgrace. Xue Er bows its head in shame in front of the villagers until there is a chance to win back its dignity…

Cao Wenxuan:2016 Hans Christian Andersen Award winner, professor at Peking University, member of national committee of Chinese Writers Association, vice president of Beijing Writers Association. He has created many well-received novels, such as Grass Hut, Bronze and Sunflower, Goats Never Eat Paradise Grass and Fire Mark, , among which Grass Hut has been reprinted over 300 times and sold over 10,000,000 copies. He also wrote series stories like Legends of the Biblion, My Son Pi Ka, and Dingding Dangan. He has won National Books Award, Excellent Work Prize of Five One Project Awards, Chinese Book Awards, Golden Award of Soong Ching-ling Literature Award, Chinese Excellent Children’s Literature Award and Bingxin Children’s Literature Award etc. His creative works were respectively translated into English, French, German, Sweden, Japanese and Korean etc. In the meantime, he has built close relations with prestigious writers, Illustrators and publishers in the world and initiated international cooperative projects like “Chinese and foreign co-publishing project” and “Chinese Story Seeds & World’s Illustration Flowers”.

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