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One Belt and One Road: The China Logic of Global Development

by Feng Bing

Publisher: China Democracy and Law Press

Date Published: 2015/08/18

Price: 45.00

ISBN: 978-7-5162-0792-5

Contact: Zhai Yanping

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What can the "One Belt and One Road" strategy actually give to China and the world? Under the world's watchful gaze, what challenges will the "One Belt and One Road" face? In recent years, the global economy has been in a downturn; economic globalization has been growing amid twists and turns, and many "global risks" have threatened world peace and economic development. "One Belt and One Road," a major state strategy proposed by President Xi Jinping, is not only a descendent of the ancient Chinese Silk Road in terms of common development and a win-win concept of peace, but also builds a greater economic development platform that benefits more countries and regions. It is a real major global economic initiative that takes on common global prosperity as its goal and seeks mutually beneficial development for all countries, injecting huge amount of positive energy in to the development of China and the world. This book is the first to make a systematic discussion of the "One Belt and One Road" economic development strategy since President Xi Jinping clearly proposed the strategy over the past year. It gives a comprehensive analysis of domestic and international contexts behind the strategy and its underlying motives. It shows the historical and realistic features of the Silk Road since ancient times, analyzes the direction and geopolitical structure of economic cooperation that results from "One Belt and One Road" worldwide, proves the great economic development potential contained in the new economic zone of the Silk Road, reveals the problems and obstacles faced in implementing the new Silk Road strategy, and determinedly proposes useful concepts for China's pursuit of world peace and development.

Feng Bing, former chief editor of Economic Daily, is a member of the 10th CPPCC National Committee, expert contributor to the State, winner of Zou Taofen Journalism Award in 2000, and winner of China News Special Prize; he was once a doctoral tutor in Wuhan University, deputy secretary-general of the State Commission for Economic Restructuring, executive vice president of China Enterprise Confederation and Entrepreneurs Association, and vice president of China International Public Relations Association, and Chinese Association of Productivity.

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